Leading developer in the retail industry for over 32 years, he is a known figure in the business community across Canada, the US, Asia and Europe.
For the last years, Robert has been working in business development in the oil industry. He consolidated his strength to bring together the different potential players of all backgrounds to build mega projects. His knowledge and his convictions made him an essential asset for those who join its contact network.

He also worked for several years as a manager in the Cantrex Group, one of the largest retail buying group in Canada. His studies in Marketing at McGill University gave him the chance to propel to a business summit, several companies such as Recycle Musik (Bronze Awards CFA) with a public listing on the Alberta Stock Exchange, Sports Mag Quebec (monthly magazine 200 pages), Valentine Group, the Foodex Group and much more.


Robert Vegiard is on LinkedIn

Robert Vegiard
Elite Developer
T:  514 616-4040

@: rvegiard@idvlop.ca